Steve McKay

Steve Mckay PortraitBiographical Information
I am an Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the UCSC Center for Labor Studies. My research has focused on labor, gender, racial formation, and globalization. I am currently working on a new book, based on historical and multi-sited ethnographic research, focused on the rise and reproduction of ethno-national labor niches in contemporary global labor markets. The book, focused on global shipping, is entitled Born to Sail? Race, Masculinity and the Making of Filipino Seafarers. I am also working locally in the Santa Cruz area on a series of community-initiated, student-engaged research projects – collectively part of the Working for Dignity program – focusing on low-wage work, wage theft, immigration, and affordable housing.

Research Interests
Labor and labor markets, political sociology, globalization and social change, migration, racial formation, masculinity, Southeast Asia

Previous Education/Training
2001 – Ph.D. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1996 – M.A. Southeast Asian Studies with Distinction, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1989 – B.A. Political Economy of Industrial Societies with Honors, University of California-Berkeley

Associate Professor of Sociology

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